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25 August 2014
The Rainbow Hair Trend: Do you dare to dye?

Although the last few months in Australia have been generally grey and dull, there have been rays of sunshine beaming out of Hollywood as every second A-lister has been experimenting with dying their hair all shades of the rainbow and, we LOVE it!!

Whether it be a faint tinge of pastel through the ends, a la Rita Ora, streaks of fun like in Alexa Chung’s braid, dip-dye like Kylie Jenner or a complete colour change like Nicole Richie, it seems coloured hair is back for the first time since when you were 13 and thought that getting a hot pink strip (and, usually clip-in) was rebellious.

Our tip is to come into Moda Hair salon in Concord and speak to one of our expert colourists about what hue would suit you, and we’ll chat about how you’ll be able to care for this fun new look at home. If you decide you can’t commit to the dye job perhaps take home a L’Oreal Professional Hair Chalk and get your crazy colour on one day, then go back to your normal-looking locks the next!