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7 February 2018
Happy New Year!
This year we have several things in the pipeline. With a fresh new team and new hairdressing competitions, this year will be busy busy busy!Read More
19 November 2015
We are now a sustainable Salon!
We would like to announce that we have joined Sustainable Salons Australia. This revolutionary resource recovery program is designed for the Salon to achieve zero waste, reduce its carbon footprint, and implement sustainable work practices that benefit the local community.Read More
17 April 2015
AHC Gold Salon Select
Moda Hair is an accredited AHC Gold Salon Select salon for commitment to good business ethics, sound business practices, quality client services, Training, fair employment practices and sustainability of our environment.Read More
4 February 2015
February 2015
To walk down the aisle, most brides still want their fairy-tale princess moment. Weather  it is to have perfect soft hair or a wedding that involves lace, flowers and sparkle. Here at MODA, we are here to help create that special day and moment when you are walking down the aisle. To be a part of a Wedding day is…Read More
24 November 2014
Unleash your hair's potential. Thicker, denser hair and stimulated hair growth. Helps stimulates hair growth thanks to the Glucoboost™ molecule which acts as an energy boost to the root of the hair. Specific formulation for colour treated thinning hair. Leaves hair feeling soft and looking beautiful. Reveal up to +1700 more hairs in 3 months* For thicker, denser hairRead More
7 November 2014
7th November 2014
Lana Del Ray, singer and songwriter. Her elegant style was created using the new GHD curve! Blake Lively, actress in the well known series Gossip girl.  This new mum can handle keeping her hair under control using the new GHD curve!Read More
25 August 2014
The Rainbow Hair Trend: Do you dare to dye?
Although the last few months in Australia have been generally grey and dull, there have been rays of sunshine beaming out of Hollywood as every second A-lister has been experimenting with dying their hair all shades of the rainbow and, we LOVE it!! Whether it be a faint tinge of pastel through the ends, a la Rita Ora, streaks of fun…Read More
25 June 2014
Short Hairstyles – to Pixie or not to Pixie?
We’re all busy, right? Well, if like us, you are feeling that time is more precious than ever, especially in the mornings, then perhaps the answer is all in your hair. And guess what? There’s never been a better time to chop your lengthy locks into a pixie crop! Sleek bobs and chic pixie crops have been at the forefront…Read More
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