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4 April 2014

There’s no denying we do love the occasional cocktail (espresso martini, anyone!?) and now with Kerastase’sFusio Dose we’re able to pretend we’re behind the bar.. in the salon! The first system of highly concentrated active ingredients freshly fused by the hairdresser. Let us prescribe you with made-to-measure combinations, one especially dedicated to your needs, for fundamental hair transformation. How?? Well, with the three simple steps below. Come in and ask your Moda Hair stylist how you can be DIAGNOSED, FUSED and TRANSFORMED with FUSIO-DOSE! Step 1. DIAGNOSIS Identifying the primary and secondary needs of the hair and selecting the appropriate transformation ritual. Step 2. FUSION Instant fusion of exclusive technology and active pure ingredients for a made-to-measure action. Step 3. TRANSFORMATION The hair is instantly transformed with ultra-precise micro-diffusion for targeted application and in-depth penetrationBlog4